Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner : Complete Review

Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner : Complete Review : – It is a portable vacuum cleaners suitable for deep cleaning of dry surfaces.

During the lockdown period everyone was working from home. The trend is still not changed .People are still taking work from home. For IT people especially for those both the husband and wife are working. At least would have spent 1 hour for sweeping and moping their home. Especially persons like me is not at all interested in cleaning the floors. Also these people have gained weight eating packet foods while working.

While eating these foods small bits may go below the dining table, sides of our sofa etc. We will be lazy to pick those pieces or do sweeping. Next day what we will see is a march of ants to have those food pieces. Xiaomi Company had made a product not to reduce our laziness but to remove all those food and dust particles in our home. It is called Xiaomi MI Mop P Robot vacuum cleaner.

Do not think that switching on this machine will solve all your sweep and mop problem. It will help in reducing those issues up to a certain limit.


2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function

2100Pa Powerful Suction

LDS Laser Navigation

Accessories and Consumables

Multi Map Support

Automatic Recharge and Resume

Smart App and Voice Control

Anti-Fall and Anti Collide Sensors

2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function

In MI vacuum Cleaner it has 3 modes of operation.

It is having a small 2 in 1 tank inside the machine. Which we can remove. In it 2 compartments are there one is for filling water for mopping purpose and other is dust box of capacity 550 ml.

  1. Sweeping Mode

In this option sweeping only take parts for cleaning dust particles.

  • Mopping Mode

In this option mopping with water take place.

  • Sweeping and Mopping mode

In this it will work as 2 in 1. Ie, do the sweeping function as well as the mopping function

Powerful Suction

This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a Japanese brushless motor, having a power of 2100 pa suction power. If it is of make Japan no need to talk more about the performance. Its battery capacity is 3200 mah.

LDS Laser Navigation

            LDS is called as Laser Distance Sensor. It scans its surroundings by 360 degree angle. It is now used by every vacuum cleaners to map the interior of the house. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum cleaner is provided with intelligent Mapping and Route Planning. The new LDS system in MI Vacuum Cleaner works with an upgraded SLAM Algorithm. The company says it increases the speed , accuracy and longer range of scanning.

The scanning range of MI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is 8 meter. It takes 2016 sample in a second.  Company confirms that their accuracy variation is less than 2% which no other Robot Vacuum cleaner in this price range can offer.

Multi Map Support
Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What is Multi map support? We had seen this vacuum cleaner doing cleaning. But how it is happening. A map is set up for the Robot for performing the cleaning. In normal Robot cleaners we will have to do remapping because of limited storage capacity. But in the case of Xiaomi MI Vacuum Cleaner the company has provided multi map support. Ie around 10 different maps of your house can be set up.

Automatic Recharge and Resume
Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Charging Station

If you are alone in your home and doing your works in the computer. You are feeling thirsty. What will you do, go to kitchen and open your fridge and drink water. Have you seen any machines doing this? The only machine I had seen is Robotic Vacuum Cleaners. When it is in work and feels its battery is drained it will go back to the place where its charger is placed. After the battery is fully charged it will return back to work. Isn’t it great? No need to plug to any socket or no need to carry the lengthy power cable. Great invention my man.

Smart App and Voice Control
Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Smart App and Voice Control

Using the smart App we can do so many things.

Once we have installed the machine we can switch the edge cleaning options using our application. By doing this we will get a detailed map of our all building .So that we can convert it in to different zones or maps.

If we need to do only cleaning of only one particular room or a particular area we can do it using the app. Some of thinks that my kitchen should get cleaned before I wake up or the living room. We can schedule it in our app so that before we get up the cleaning will be completed by our machine.

If we don’t want some areas where my machine cleaning is not required, suppose bathroom areas, below some sofas where chances of this machine get stuck etc. we can easily set this in our application. We can set the vacuum power (suction mode) using our application, so that power consumption will be less or some areas where deep cleaning is required their we can increase the suction power.

There are two different modes ie, S Mode and Y mode. Based on this cleaning is happening. In S mode power consumption is less and in Y mode the power consumption is high.

Also we can set up the water usage in the mopping mode that the robot should use – low, medium or high.

Anti-Fall and Anti Collide Sensors
Xiaomi MI MOP P Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is equipped with 12 no’s of high precision sensors which help in identifying or sensing its surroundings. It is having an anti- collision and anti – drop sensor which helps the machine to cross obstacles upto a height of 2 cms and avoid fall from heights.

Edge Cleaning

Everyone have a doubt can this machine able to clean corners. As it is a round machine is it possible to do? Yes it can clean corners so efficiently. With its super long bristles it is able to clean corners.


Name – MI Robot Vacuum –Mop P

Battery Capacity – 3200 mah

Wi-Fi – 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n

Operating Hours – 60 – 130 minutes

Weight – 3.6 kg

Power Consumption – 33 watts

Noise – Less than 70 dB

Package Details

MI Robot Vacuum Mop


2 in 1 Tank

Side Brush

Charging Base


Drag Bracket

Full wet mop

Semi Wet mop

We can use this machine in wooden, tile and marble floors.

It comes with an electronically controlled water pump. It has 3 gears of water dispensing modes and also with a water clogging prevention mechanism. We can set the modes based on requirement of cleaning such as light cleaning or deep cleaning etc.


  1. Good Battery Life
  2. Effective Cleaning
  3. Multi Mapping Function


  1. Water tank capacity is small
  2. Water level indicator not available
  3. Minor issues in Mapping

I hope this post has given you a basic idea about Xiaomi MI Mop P Robot vacuum cleaner. To Know the price details click the link below.

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