Why Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner is the best ?

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner

Are you facing any dust allergy or is your kids are getting fever continuously. I was facing this issue earlier. I had contacted doctor several time their answer is that you are facing all these issues because of dust. What can I do? I am staying in the center of city and any way dust will enter in to my home. So that I had purchased normal vacuum cleaner. But it did not solve my problem. I discussed my issue with my colleague, he informed that the same issue was with him also earlier. They had purchased Vacuum cleaner named “Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner” which resolved their issue.

Our normal vacuum cleaners have certain limit to suck the dirt and dust formed in our house. While seeing the price it is little higher than our normal Vacuum Cleaners. I also felt the same. But the result was amazing. It completely resolved my dust allergy.

In this article I will give a detailed review about “Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner”. I am not an expert in reviewing the product but I will share the experience I had using this Magic Machine.

Dyson V8 Soft Roller Cleaner Head
Dyson V8 Soft Roller Cleaner Head

About Dyson

Before buying any products as a normal person we will search its brand value, is it good, do we get good service, does this product last etc. I am also the same side as what you were thinking

Dyson is a Singapore multinational company established in 1991. Dyson has proved its presence in 4 segments – Cord free vacuum cleaners, Hair care, Air Purifiers, Lighting and wearables.

They have different variants in Cord free Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Dyson  V12 Vacuum Cleaner

Here we will discuss about only Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Direct Drive Cleaner Head
Dyson V8 Direct Drive Cleaner Head

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner

It is a very light weight, powerful and economy product in the Dyson range. While purchasing a product we will first check its warranty. They are providing warranty for 2 years for parts and labor. So don’t worry we are spending even more on mobile phones but  what we will get is only 1 year.

I have a carpet in my living room where my teapoy is placed. Whenever guest visits we will sit there and provide snacks and tea to them. So debris will be there in those carpets. By using V8 cleaning has now become so easy. The machine is having a direct drive cleaner which easily removes those dirt.

 We normally say clean very slowly otherwise the floor will get scratched. In this case don’t worry. They have provided with soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber for use in our normal floors.

In the Box

Let’s see what all we will get when purchasing this super machine.

  1. Quick – Release Soft Roller Cleaner Head – It is used for Hard floors like tile , cement floor ,wooden floor etc.
  2. Quick – Release Direct drive cleaner Head – It is used for cleaning the carpets
  3. Quick – Release Mini Motorized Tool – It is very difficult to clean in tight spaces. This tool helps is cleaning those places and hair.
  4. Quick –  Release Combination Tool – It is an all-rounder tool helps in cleaning
  5. Quick – Release Crevice Tool – It is most useful to clean edges and narrow spaces.
  6. Quick – Release mini soft dusting brush – It is used to clean delicate surfaces like bed sheets, table cloths etc.
  7. Stubborn dirt brush – It removes dirt from sofa, furniture’s etc.
  8. Docking Station – It is a wall mounted dock where we can keep our Super Machine after work. This is what I liked most. Normal vacuum cleaners will take an area of our store. In this case we can fix it in to our wall and charging will happen along with it.
  9. Charger
Dyson V8 Mini Motorized Tool
Dyson V8 Mini Motorized Tool


Powerful Digital Motor V8

It has a powerful motor which spins at a speed of 1, 10,000 rotation per minute. So think about its power. It will produce 115 Air watts which gives powerful suction for this super machine.

Advanced Filtration

This is the best part of the machine.  The company promises It sucks the allergens and expels fresh air than the air we breathe. This kept me interested in this machine.

Radial Cyclone – 2 tier

We will be in doubt how this machine is able to clean even microscopic dirt . It is provided with 15 nos of cyclones which are located 2 tier which create strong centrifugal forces compared with any other machine now available in market.

Power Mode

It is provided with 2 power modes – Max mode and Powerful mode. If we are planning for a deep cleaning plan for powerful mode and if we require a fast cleaning go for Max mode. Upto 7 minutes we can use.

Easily reach heights

One major benefit compared with other vacuum cleaners is that its ease of use. Because of its light weight and good hand grip it is very user friendly. The height of machine is around 1.24 mtrs.

Usage time

We can use this machine continuously for 40 min without any compromise in its performance.

Ease of Transform

We can easily transform the machine in to different cleaning functions in just seconds.


In normal cleaners we will have to open the dust bin of machine and need to carry the bag to nearest dustbin. By that time half of the dust cleaned will be in our hands. In this machine we can call it non touch bin. We just need to bring the machine to the dust bin and push the button the dust will go easily to the waste bin. Isn’t it superb?

Docking Station

I loved the docking station. Normally we keep our vacuum cleaner in our store room with its flexible hose and long wires etc. In this case I fixed it in my main kitchen in the wall. People should see the machine, when outsiders see it they will say some equipment from future is kept in the wall. The machine that much beautiful while keeping in the docking station. All charger is connected directly to the docking station so charging of machine take place along with that.

Dyson V8 Combination Tool
Dyson V8 Combination Tool


Technology- 2 Tier Radial Cyclone

Suction Power – 115 AW

Operating Time – 40 min

Volume of Bin – 0.54 L

Machine Height – 250 mm

Length – 1244 mm

Width – 224 mm

Charging Time – 5hrs

Weight – 2.61 kg

Dyson V8 Crevice Tool
Dyson V8 Crevice Tool

Pros and Cons


  1. Cordless – Compared with other vacuum cleaners it is an added benefit. Due to the cable length shortage so many corners in our house is kept uncleaned. This super machine solve the issue.
  2. Compact and easy to use – Lightweight machine and supporting handles are very good. We can operate the machine with one hand.
  3. Mattress Tool – This is a very good attachment in the machine. Normally when we clean the mattress or cloths it will get stick to the mouth of the machine. So the dirt in the mouth get in to the cloth. In this case it is not happening.
  4. Clean Carpets- Not seen an attachment in any of the vacuum cleaners which can clean the carpets. It is very much effective.
  5. Power mode – Provided with Max and power mode. We all are living in a fast world. Everyone need to complete works fast. So I hope the Max mode is a very good addition done by Dyson Company.
  6. No Touch Bin – I hope no company has provided this option. Without even touching the dirty bag we can clean it by pushing a button.
  7. Battery Indicator – Shows the battery level indication in the machine.
  8. Space Saving– The best pro I liked about this machine is space saving. Requires only a limited space in our store room or kitchen and a very beautiful look.


  1. Bin Size – I have only one con to say is the bin size. That also I will not say as a major defect.
  2. Price – Compared with our conventional vacuum cleaners it is a bit costly. But in long run it is best.

Docking Station
Dyson V8 Docking Station

1.Which brush can be used for curtain cleaning?
Mini Soft dusting brush is used for cleaning curtain

2.Is the machine noisy?
It is having minimal noise only

3.Can it be used to clean sofa?
Yes. It can be done using the flexible pipe.

4.Can we clean false ceiling with this machine?

5.Can I assemble it myself?
Yes. You can do it yourself. You don’t need any help.

6.How long does a Dyson vacuum last?
As per reports it says 10 years. No other vacuum cleaners will last till this time.

7.Can I leave my Dyson on charge all the time?
No problem. The machine is made like that it will get cutoff once the full charge it is reached. No fear of battery damage or electrical faults.

8.How long does Dyson battery last before replacement?
Normally Dyson Batteries last for 4 years.

9.How do I know if my Dyson battery needs replacing?
If we set the machine in Max mode operation it should work at least 6 minute. If its battery get drain below 3 minutes itself then it needs a battery change.

10.Can you charge Dyson without docking?
Yes. You can do it. The machine is coming with a power code. You can connect this and charge the machine.

11.Do you have to charge a new Dyson battery?
Yes. We need to charge the machine for 4 to 5 hrs.

12.What is the difference between Dyson V8 and V11?
Compared with V11 , V8 dust bin small in size .V11 performance and price is higher.


I hope as a user point of view I had shared my good and bad about this product. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone. Everyone pause for buying the product seeing the price. What I will say is everyone should be healthy, If you have health you can make wealth. We are spending money for new gadgets in markets like mobiles, play stations. Compared with them the price is not at all high.

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