Eureka Forbes Robo IVac – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2022

Eureka Forbes Robo IVac – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2022 :- It is coming from Eureka Forbes family. Most trusted brand in India in the field of health and cleanliness. No need to discuss about the company, very familiar to all Indian’s . I hope they are the pioneers in Vacuum cleaner industry from starting.

Based on their knowledge about Indian customers home usage they had made this magic machine. As per syndicated market research data for the year (2020-21) “Eureka Forbes” is called as India’s No 1 Vacuum Cleaner Brand. Compared with other machine this can be called as a budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner. We can go through in detail about the product.


Powerful Suction

In its range of products it is giving powerful suction of 600 pa . This will clean even tiny dust particles in the floor. The Robo I Vac Robot Vacuum Cleaner is set with Intelligent Suction Adjustment. That means if the floor is dusty it will work with low suction power. If floor is found with small granules or particles it will increase its suction power to clear the dirt. This increases the efficiency as well as power saving of the machine , which will impact in increasing the life of battery.

Eureka Forbes  Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent Docking and User Friendly Design

It is giving a sleek and beautiful design with black in color. Like all other high end Robot Vacuum cleaners Robo I Vac has the option of automatic charging. When the power is low it will automatically moves towards its docking station . Docking station will be charged using an adapter which we will have to connect to nearby power socket. Once the machine is completely charged it will return back to his work. The docking station should be provided 1 meter space in both sides .

The machine is coming with a powerful 14.8 Lithium Battery of make Dura Clean. The full charging time for the machine is 3 -4 hours. After full charge it can continuously run for 90 – 110 minutes. The running hour depends upon its suction as earlier mentioned powerful and normal suction.

2 Stage Cleaning Action

The machine is providing 2 stage cleaning . It is equipped with a large dust tank for dusting ,dry vacuuming . And machine is attached with a micro fibre cloth which can be removed and cleaned and with a small water tank . The water usage will be based on sensors efficient usage and cleaning will be done. Also over usage of water which makes the floor damage (wooden floors) will not happen. This gives the 2nd stage cleaning – Mopping. The machine will alert the user if the dust tank is not placed properly.

The machine is suitable for tiles, marbles and wooden floors.

Intelligent sensors and Remote Control

Eureka Forbes  Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Robo IVac Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with highly efficient and intelligent sensors. This will protect the machine as well as surrounding objects from getting damaged . Machine has sensing ability so that it will keep distance from objects . Also the machine is having antifall sensors. So no need to worry about the machine falling from stair cases or heights.

Using the Remote control the machine is operated . Using the remote we can schedule the cleaning time . I have a style that the it should clean my kitchen and living room before i get up. So i set up the machine around 4.30 am . So when i get up at 6.00 am cleaning of my kitchen and living room will be completed.

Eureka Forbes Robo IVac Robot Vacuum Cleaner is providing 4 modes of cleaning.

  • Auto Clean Mode – In this mode it will clean on its own .
  • Spiral Clean Mode – In this mode the machine will clean the room in spiral shape
  • Edge Clean Mode – In this mode the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will clean the edges of the room
  • Zig Zag Clean Mode – In this mode the machine will work in a zig zag shape mode. In this mode the Robot will clean the room more efficiently
  • Spot Clean Mode – If a particular area needs deep cleaning we can do this mode . The machine will clean the same area efficiently.

Maintenance of Eureka Forbes Robo I Vac Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Open the top lid.
  • Remove the dust box and put the dust accumulated in to dust bin.
  • Clean the HEPA filter using the cleaning brushes provided.
  • If wet mopping is done, remove the water tank from bottom and refill it.
  • Detach the fibre cloth and after cleaning refix it.


Physical Specifications

Body Type – Simple

Color – Black

Dust Tank Capacity – 275 ml

Dimensions – 300 x 78 x 78 mm

Power Specifications

Suction Power – 600 PA

Power – 15 W

Running Time – 90 – 110 min

Full Charge Time – 3- 4 hours

Battery – 2600 mah Lithium Battery

Operating Noise less than 70 dB

Pros & Cons

Lets discuss about Pros and Cons of the product.


  1. Budget friendly
  2. Trusted Brand
  3. Good Battery Backup


  1. Dust Tank Capacity is low
  2. Mapping option not available
  3. Restriction in locations not available

I hope you have got a basic idea about Eureka Forbes Robo I Vac Robot Vacuum Cleaner. To check the price details click the button below.

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